Ancestral Exploration Online Course


Ancestral Exploration is an online course in the basics of Genealogy Research, DNA Tests and Genetic Genealogy, and How to use for Matching and Ethnicity Estimates.
The aim of this course is to quickly get you to the heart of what you need to know to research your ancestors, and for those engaged in Ancestral Medicine work to further the goal of connecting with your ancestors for healing.

Genealogy, DNA, and all of the tools to find your ancestors amount to a huge body of knowledge, far beyond what most people have time to learn. Ancestral Exploration will give you the basics to set you on the path to quickly and efficiently finding your ancestral paper trails (if there were any), and where paper trails end, how to use DNA to compliment and validate those findings and go further back in time than paper can go. You will also discover living relatives who may hold parts of the puzzle.


During the course we will cover the basics of genealogical research, the best websites to use, DNA tests (autosomal, Y, and mt tests), which are the best testing companies to test with and how they differ, and how to use Gedmatch. Gedmatch is a free online database with tools that can help you find DNA cousin matches, and Ethnicity/Admixture tools that help you understand your ethnicity, and how to find ancestors using these tools (See Note below).

The course consists of four lessons and two conference calls over a five week period.
Each lesson will be released on a Sunday and you have an entire week to read over it before the next lesson. Each lesson will include:

  • PDF Documents you may access or download any time, on the current week’s lesson.
  • Links for further research if you like, or for future reference.

There will also be two live video conferences to go over the previous two weeks lessons and time for questions.

Lesson 1 – Genealogy Research

Lesson 2 – DNA/Genetic Genealogy

First Online Conference (1.5 hours, time TBD) This class will cover Genealogy research and Genetic Genealogy (DNA tests). There will be a short talk and then I will answer questions.

Lesson 3 – Gedmatch: Finding your Relatives

Lesson 4 – Gedmatch: Admixture Calculators

Second Online Conference (1.5 hours, time TBD) This class will cover the platform and how to use some of the functions to find relatives, as well as how to figure out who you’re related to, Admixture Utilities (Calculators), and how to get an idea of what your ethnicity profiles can tell you.

The cost of the course is $60 –  To pay for the course click the link below and you will be taken to Paypal.



To keep the price of the course low, I do not have a shopping cart on my website so you will need a Paypal account to pay for the class. It’s free to set up an account and there is no fee to you. Once you create a Paypal account you can use a credit card within the website.

Google Account 
To access Documents for the course you will need a Google account. 
All of the documents will be posted to a Google Drive account and the link shared with the email address you used to sign up for the course. app for online live conference calls. It’s quick and easy to install and easy to use! Within that platform you have a choice between calling in, or being present via video with or without mic and camera on your end.


Class size is limited to 50 people and preference is given to those doing Ancestral Lineage Healing work with Daniel Foor, Ph.D. (See for more info), or people otherwise working in Ancestral Healing/Animist work.

Note: While every attempt will be made in this course to be as inclusive of and sensitive to people with non-white and non-European backgrounds as possible, please note that the histories, records, and even DNA results for people of color can be really difficult and sometimes impossible to find. And frequently much less attention is given across all venues to these records and results. Sadly the more a lineage is tied to money, power and whiteness the easier the information is to find. I will do my best to connect people with resources that will help them.