Isabel Rose is an autodidact and self-trained genealogist with over 11 years of research experience. She is also knowledgeable in the workings of Genetic Genealogy, is fairly proficient in the use of tools on the Gedmatch.com and has a long history of volunteering her time to help others in researching ancestors. She also frequents many forums and groups to help others learn, and has a blog called Finding Grandmothers.

The history of genealogy is older than written language but Genetic Genealogy is very new-constantly changing and expanding. Both are vast subjects that some people just don’t have time to learn deeply.
At the request of friends and mentors, Isabel has created an online course that aims to teach people the basics, pitfalls, and some tips and tricks to help them get started with genealogy, genetic genealogy/DNA tests, and using Gedmatch.
Please see the Online Course page for more info and to sign up for the course.
You can contact Isabel here.